Sunday, September 27, 2009


I had her lay on her stomach with a small pillow under her head. She faced me with her head to the left, and she was staring at me. I told her to close her eyes and relax, and she did, but not before flashing me an evil grin. I splashed a little oil in my hands and rubbed them together, warming the cool liquid to my body temperature so not to startle her. She tried to peer out her left eye but I caught her and demanded it shut once more.

"Relax beautiful, take a deep breath and exhale."

I placed my hands on the base of her neck, slowly spreading the warm oil over her shoulders. She made a quiet sigh of relief as she exhaled, a sign that no one had touched her like this is a long time, if ever. I quickly gravitated to the tight knots deep in her upper back and slowly yet firmly, with just the right amount of pressure, eased my fingers into her skin, pressing on the stiff balls of stress.

"Harder, I can take it." She tells me with conviction.

"I said relax my dear, I know what I'm doing. You can't just attack with blunt force and expect any results. Lie there and be silent please."

She did as she was told, for now anyway, and again she released another relaxing exhale with a slight whimper. I found the knots again and affectionately eased on them, stretching them out with a circular motion. When they had been disposed of I moved up to her neck, she was tighter than I'd thought, and extended my fingers over the back of her skull and pulled her stress down and out her shoulders. Within minutes she was asleep, she warned me this would happen, but that wouldn't stop me from continuing.

I had released everything in her back and neck, her ass and thighs, and even her calves and feet. She had the most amazing little toes I'd ever seen, but I didn't tell her that.

"Angel" I whispered to her with a hand on her lower back and my lips to her ear. She looked up at me with tired eyes that made me blush when they connected with mine. So innocent, so sweet, so adorably cute in all the right ways. "I need you to roll over sweetie." She did, almost reluctantly, but understood when I told her she'd been sleeping for nearly an hour.

Her bare breasts and pussy forced a jolt of energy down my spine and into my genitals, awaking my dormant member creating a bulge I wouldn't be able to hide much longer. I started on her voluptuous bosom, her nipple piercings glistening in the soft candle light as I rolled her breasts under my strong grasp. She didn't sleep again, she couldn't, this was too enjoyable for both of us. Long moans emanated from her throat as I focused my thoughts on healing her, making her feel good.

"Mmmmm, please don't stop." She begged, more moans, louder and more convincing.

I slid my hands down, over her sexy little tummy, caressing her hips and waist. Her moans grew louder as I rubbed the inside of her right thigh, unconsciously parting her legs wider. Her right hand relaxed and grazed my jeans, alerting her to my growing dilemma. As I continued to massage her thighs, she rubbed my stiffening muscle until it could no longer enlarge.

"Here, let me get that for you" she said, unzipping my pants and attempting to move her body up.
"No love, stay there, I'll move to you." And I did, shifting closer to her head but still reaching my right hand to her thighs.
My jeans dropped to the floor and she pulled my boxers down to expose my rock hard cock that pulsated up and down in sequence to her own tender massage of my balls. She drew her head closer, parted her lips and started sucking on the head of my dick. I lifted my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying every second. Her moans started again, louder and louder, turning into pleasurable grunts. In the midst of her cunning diversion I didn't realize her legs were spread wide and I had inserted two fingers into your dripping pussy.

I found 'her spot' very quickly, as I always did, and curved my fingers up inside her, applying forceful pressure deep within her. Holding the back of her head, I pulled her closer and closer until I was throat fucking her. The gurgling of saliva and the pleasurable grunts quaked my cock in her mouth. The sweet aromatic, orgasmic juices began flowing from her throbbing cunt, squirting on her delicious thighs and covering my hand. I held her down as her hips drove my fingers further inside her and she came again.

This time I came with her, ramming my cock all the way down her throat, shooting my hot load into her stomach. When I knew I was empty, I removed my softening shaft from her mouth and allowed her to inhale. She gasped a little for air and her heaving bosom lifted and lowered at a fast rate, slowing moments later. I removed my fingers gradually from her sopping wet pussy as she took in another shocking breath of air.

She curled up in a fetal position, still releasing soft moans and barely noticeable twitching jolts emanating from her insides. I pulled the blanket at the floor over her tantalizing body and reached for the cold glass of water on the night stand.

"Here my sweet, drink, you'll need to rehydrate after all that."

She lifted her head and drank a large sip, letting a little spill out the side and drip off her flushed cheek. I bent down and lapped it up, then kissed her on her pink lips. She thanked me in her most sensual tone, dropped her head back on the little pillow, and slept once more.

Promises with hopes of fulfillment

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