Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Fear not my lady
For we have met before
In dreams, in mind, in spirit
We have danced a thousand dances
Each one more riveting than the next
And every time we part
I await the next chance to dance again
To hold you in my arms
Caress your body gently
Become one once again
Beauty comes from within
And transforms us outward
There is no greater exquisiteness
No matching glamour
That could even come close
To what constantly emanates from you
You fear to meet my standards
My expectations, but I have only one
For you to be yourself
To be true to yourself
Any conception I have of you
Came from you, and only you
These things you think you are not
You are, and far more than I can imagine
Your voice, your consciousness, your awareness
The appreciation you have for life
The affection you show your loved ones
Your laugh, your smile, that's you
And those are the things I like about you
That's my attraction to you
It does not matter what you look like
Because you are already beautiful in my eyes
In my mind, in my soul
We both know a decent fuck is a phone call away
But you and I search for more
For that one that can make us whole
Fill in the gaps that have been stripped from us
I will give you everything you desire
But I can only fill so much of you
And you of me
The rest we fill on our own
We find it through the love of self
Through a complete understanding of ourselves
When we can look into that mirror
Find who we really are
And unlock it from the prison in our minds
Then we can enjoy life to the fullest
We can love to unmeasured heights
We can accept the love that shines on us
And there, in that moment of serenity
We'll find true happiness.

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