Thursday, August 6, 2009

To That Special Someone

Hush my love, don't speak
Allow me to gaze upon thine eyes
Stare into the vast abyss
These beautiful windows to your soul.

Through your eyes I can see everything
Past the moon and the stars
Marvel at the wonders of this universe
And see all the way to the creator.

And what a spectacular architect in deed
With the ability to take all the worlds exquisiteness
All the worlds magnificence
And channel every bit into you.

Through those stunning eyes
I can see my past, my present, and our future
See what lovely treasures await us both
And understand what truly matters most.

Hush my beauty, my queen
Allow me to take in all your splendor
For what powerful appreciation and affection
Must have gone into constructing you.

The gods certainly took their time
So much love, so much patience
All worth the finished product
Well worth the wait and want I've felt.

Your lips, pure and perfect
Your hips, alluring and refined
Your fingertips, delicate and enticing
You are simply ravishing in every way.

Please speak now my angel
Let me hear your heavenly voice
Permit me to listen to your song
While elegant melodies escape your lips.

How privileged am I
To hear these mystifying tones
Traveling from your being
And entering my soul, cleansing my very essence.

My goddess, my mistress
Lay with me a while longer
Consent to my unworthy touch
And forgive me for not being as divine.

I do not dare to sleep, to dream
My most sublime visions
Cannot compare or even come close
To a reality with you.

Stay with me, hold me
Cradle me in your celestial arms
Warm me with your radiant body
Pull my head to your bosom and keep me safe.

And although I am simply a man, plain yet humble
You granted me passage to your heart
A gift unlike any other
And I vow to keep it protected for all time.

Close your precious eyes my sweet
Seal your faultless lips
Relax your blissful body
Let me watch you rest.

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