Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patience and Time

I dreamt of you again, even though I don't know what you look like. I'm sure it was you, for when I called your name in the shadows you did not correct me, you simply touched my hand, whispered yes dear in your most seductive voice, and lead me to your darkened chamber. The engaging smell of roses and lilacs mixed with the arousing scent of your skin filled my nostrils, making me light headed. I felt intoxicated by your presence, like quickly standing with a wine buzz, where the room spins and I felt like I was floating on a cloud.

We reached the soft comfort of a bed and sat next to each other, your left hand in my right, our other hands searching in the darkness, finding one another's bodies, probing for that special spot. You find mine on my neck, smoothly caressing up to my cheek. I found yours mid thigh, moving tenderly up in between your legs. The moist sensation at my fingertips felt familiar, like home. Our lips delicately meet, not yet fully touching, and your sweet breath filled my senses causing a sharp shiver up my spine and into my skull, jolting me forward to connect your lips with mine. You quickly pulled back and I assumed I'd crossed a line, but you smiled that seductive grin, groaned a little, and rushed your tongue into my mouth.

You tasted more enjoyable than I had ever imagined, too intricate to describe with words, too tasty to compare with anything else. And your tongue with mine danced with each other, each knowing the right steps, each following the same rhythm, like they knew what to do without us having to tell them.

We slowly retracted our tongue tied grasp, allowing each other to catch our breath. You broke the hold of my hand and slid up the bed, slowly leaning back, elbows propping you up, forcing your back to arch in the most erotic way. With one finger you beckoned me nearer, and as I moved closer your legs parted in anticipation. Leaning over you now, our identical eyes locked each other's gaze and you silently invited me in. If there was a heaven I had surely found it, and I was harmoniously flowing in and out with waves of incomprehensible pleasure. Our bodies moved together in tune like we'd done this a thousand times before and your moans of satisfying bliss put angelic voices to shame.

The explosion that came from within you felt more powerful than an atomic bomb, and your gushing river of pure fulfillment held the warmth of the sun. I could not take my eyes off you as you lay there feeling complete, glowing in the darkness like some beacon for lost sailors in a fog filled abyss. And although I did not cum, the experience was greater than any orgasm I had ever felt. Simply watching you and sharing that moment was a gift with greater value than all the jewels in the world.

Saddened when I awoke to find I was alone but was instantly reminded of those three magical words that always brought a smile to my face. And I groaned and moved in flourishes of delight as I closed my eyes, pulled images of the dream back to my mind, and repeated those words over and over, Patience and Time.

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