Wednesday, September 30, 2009


She said she was submissive, could've fooled me. I'm the one with my hands cuffed to the head board, unable to move, while her lips are wrapped firmly around the base of my cock. She hasn't moved in minutes, I can feel her breath flowing through her nose, applying pressure on the tip. She thinks it's funny and shows it by giggling every few seconds, vibrating her tonsils on my shaft.

I'd ask her to stop, beg her even, tell her what to do, how I want it, but I can't. And not because I don't want to hurt her sensibilities or make her feel unwanted, which wouldn't be the case anyway, but simply because she gagged me with a thick rag, and the only sounds I can make are my gratifying grunts and moans.

She wants me to cum at her discretion and wants to take away any control I might have once had. I'm trying not to, but she feels so good, devouring me, taking me all in, pulling me deeper into her. I could release now, allow her fulfillment of triumph, but she might think less of me if I go to easy, too soon. I have to hold on, think of something else, separate my mind from the moment, this unbelievable pleasure.

I want to release so badly, explode my soothing seminal fluid down her silky soft throat, allowing her to swallow me whole and consume my entire being. I have to stop myself from looking at her, peering into her soft doe eyes that could melt my heart in an instant. I'm just glad that like me, she is unable to speak. Her voice can trigger something deep inside that could make me cum by a simple whisper or purr. But she whimpers and pants instead, all while tonguing my balls at the same time.

She knows just how to affect me, what I enjoy most, how to push my buttons, and she should, I taught her, I shared with her, I let her in, I wanted her to know. And just when I couldn't contain myself any longer, she stopped, raised her head and looked into my eyes. She continued to stroke me, first very gently then intensifying her authority, all the time staring at me, gazing into my soul. Of all the things she could have done, of all the things she knew would drive me mad with desire, she waited till the last minute to force her glance upon me. And as she stared with her beloved and wanting eyes she felt my eruption begin, quickly bowing her head to catch the very thing she'd sought from the beginning.

I couldn't stop it, and I tried so hard. When I was finished, she looked at me again, guzzled me down in a quick and satisfying manner, enjoying each and every drop of the life-force she just sucked from my body. Licking her lips, she moved up to my face, pressing hers hard against mine, colliding my skin into my teeth till they bled. Then she rose, stepped off the mattress and blew me a kiss from the door as she puffed out the candle, the only remaining light in the room, and locked me in.

And as I lay there, securely attached to an inescapable position, alone and in the dark, I could think of only one thing, the thing she told me from the beginning... she was submissive. Huh, could've fooled me.

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  1. Aint no such thing. All sadists are part time masochists. All submissives like to fuck shit up every now and then, and anyone in between--normal--is a shitty lay.