Friday, January 30, 2009

What You Want

My life is a dream
A physical illusion
The only lie I’ll ever tell.

I’ve spend my time in this place
Creating a phallical fallacy
Believing it is what you craved.

I’ve watched douche bag brothers
Chauvinistic fathers and pig-headed friends
Treat goddesses like whores.

I listened hard and heard well
All your gripes and complaints
The things you prayed they’d do
And wished they hadn’t.

That no means no
Yes means yes
And maybe never happens.

I modeled myself to be the best
To cherish your faults
And immortalize the rest.

I learned you are unique
Each body part special
Every heavenly word intoxicating.

You told me what you wanted
You told me how you wanted it
You told me when and where it should be.

You gave me a definition
A creed in which to follow
A mask in which to wear.

But the definition was bullshit
The creed never set in stone
And the mask cracked and broken.

Because I can’t define what always changes
I can’t chisel an idea never agreed upon
Can’t fashion a mask that has no prototype.

And since I can’t be what could not exist
I’ll be that lie
I’ll be that illusion
I’ll be that dream
But I won’t be yours.

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