Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Deadliest Thing on Earth

What is it about a woman that just eats at your soul?
Is it the way their built
How each individual part fits perfectly
Forming a unique and divine orchestrated concerto?

Their eyes how they beg
Peering deeply into you
Stripping what is desired
Those lengthy gazes that stop time
Transforming you into something else.

Those lips, oh those lips
When unfastened release heavenly harmonies
Hypnotizing all that listen
Accompanied by tongues that lash out in both pain and pleasure.

Perfect breasts that equally feed adult fantasy and infant hunger
Sensual playthings for all to enjoy.
Or their supple buttocks
Firm yet pliable
A lethal combination with the right pair of heels.

Oh but the best part is saved for last
The prettiest flower nature ever designed
That moist cavern of endless promises
The facility to gift ultimate gratification
While separately bestow new life.

Independently these parts hold no real purpose
No allure, their powers stripped, capacity diminished.
But pieced together in the proper fashion
They become the Deadliest thing on Earth...

A Woman

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